onsdag 10 februari 2010

Airsoft Guns As An Enthusiast Activity

By Anthony Carter

Airsoft guns and associated accessories -- when considering taking up the use of such toy replica guns that fire soft plastic or rubber BBs -- can be fun and exciting pieces of equipment to own when taking up their use as a hobby. These toy weapons have quickly come to match paintball guns as a fun and exciting way to engage in shooter-type games.

Usually, airsoft guns are available as extremely detailed replicas of some of the most popular handgun, shotgun or military rifles in the world. Coming in all shapes and sizes, most folks who buy them usually start out with a military version such as the M4 carbine.

For some reason, most enthusiasts seem to gravitate toward the rifle versions of these airsoft guns. The most popular model of replica gun sold is currently that M4 carbine with an under barrel grenade launcher. Usually, most manufacturers of these kinds of replica guns include a brightly colored tip at the end of the barrel or muzzle. It's there for a reason.

Airsoft guns can fire off -- via means of electric powered pistons -- BBs at up to 300 feet per second. This velocity, created in the firing mechanism and that uses air as the propellant for the BB, is sufficient to really send rounds down range and give a role-playing or team on team shoot out excellent realism and excitement.

When deciding to take up a hobby it's always a good idea to go online and look at all of the different stores and manufacturers to decide just what sort of set up might make sense to buy. Prices for a replica of a military rifle can run from around $50 up to past $300 when additional accessories and equipment are added. Normally, the most expensive models will throw in a few other items.

Also, keep in mind that other pieces of gear will be needed if one is to engage in combat-style shootouts and other competitions. A nicely constructed tactical harness or near vast will be needed as a device to hold spare BB-carrying magazines and battery packs along with spare parts for the weapon. It's important to have spare batteries to swap out when engaged in such combat activities.

Batteries that are employed for use in airsoft guns are rechargeable and will initially require at least four hours before they can be put into use. After that, keep in mind that it's a good idea to fully drain the battery before recharging it in order to ensure the battery doesn't create a faulty memory and shut the weapon down during the middle of a firefight.

Soft plastic or rubber BBs fired from airsoft guns are readily available and relatively inexpensive, and using such guns in role-playing or combat-style games has become an exciting way for children and even adults to indulge their shooter or combat fantasies. They are even safer than paintball competitions and are 10 times as safe as competing with traditional copper BB-firing weapons.

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