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Making Sure You Have The Tattoo Supplies That You Need

By Adriana Noton

It does not matter what level of tattoo artist you are. From the beginning you will need a list of supplies kept on hand and close by. Of course, the machine that that will be used is the most important. That one item will probably change the most throughout your career as you learn more and become more advanced. And do not forget about the needles and inks that you will end up choosing.

When purchasing supplies, you will at some point end up buying individual pieces. If you are looking to buy multiple items at once, a kit may be the way to go. Whatever you have for a price range, you may just find the right one for you.

In many of the standard kits you will receive a tattoo machine, or in other words, a tattoo gun. Depending on your level of expertise will determine what kind of machine you will get. The machine will consist of three parts that are inter-changeable. They are the coil wrap, the grip, and the tips. Having several of each will be part of keeping your supplies stocked up. Also, to keep the machine together and running are the rubber bands, rubber rings, and grommets.

There are other things that may or may not be included in your standard tattoo supply kit. Needles can be bought separately or in kits by themselves. There are different sizes and types depending on what your preference is while tattooing. There is also such a thing as practice skin. This allows you to get the feel of your new machine on something similar to human skin before you work on the real thing.

Inks come in many many colors and sizes. Before deciding on the brand that you want to stick with, also consider the actual consistency of the ink and how it is made. Many ink colors are made from metals, which some people develop a reaction to. If this is a concern that you think you may have, there are organic inks available. But, remember, there are multiple types of inks to fit just about any skin type and tone.

One of the most important items that will be used during tattooing, is the needle, or needles, itself. When considering on what to buy or to stock, it really is up to what the artist prefers. There are round needles which range from just a few needles to several that have been put together to form a cylindrical shape. Then there are also the flat kind of needles. Several needles lay in a flat row side by side, or in multiple layers.

Other than needles, there are many disposable items that you need to supply yourself with before, during, and after the tattooing process. You will need ink cups, petroleum jelly (or something similar to help ease the needle going in and out of the skin), paper towels, antiseptic spray, and some kind of cream to put onto the tattoo once it is finished. These items will make the process of tattooing more convenient and safer.

It is not very difficult to find the standard tattoo supplies. As you get into the higher quality items or more unique, then it can become difficult. Although the parts are interchangeable, your machine will remain a constant throughout your career. Most of your other supplies though, will be disposable and will continuously need to be replaced.

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