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Why Over-The-Counter Medications Can't Get Rid Of Melasma

By Cindy Harmon

The irregular, grayish-brown discoloration that we observe on our face is called melasma. It often affects areas that are exposed to the sun, like the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, and hits more women than men. It is not often dangerous, but, as with any other skin conditions, it cries out to be treated.

As opposed to what most women think, non-prescription creams simply cannot make melasma disappear. You need to see a dermatologist to find out what causes it so they can prescribe the proper cure.

The condition can be because of over exposure to the sun. That is why women are suggested to always use an umbrella or wear a hat or just stay indoors when the heat of the sun is at its peak. Putting on a facial sunblock with at least SPF 30 can help save us from damaging UV rays as well.

But the sun is not the only one to blame. Melasma can also be instigated by genetic and hormonal imbalance, especially during pregnancy, which is why it is also sometimes named the "mask of pregnancy." There are also times when it is an indication of skin cancer. So no matter how trivial they seem, don't brush off the signs and see a doctor first before self-treating it.

Depending on the condition, dermatologists may apply agents that are scientifically proven and medical-grade, and can lighten and suppress the melanocytes responsible for the skin problem. These agents may include Triluma cream, Epiquin micro lightening ointment, Cosmelan painless depigmentation peel, and intense anti-aging vitamin C serums.

Some patients opt for application of Medlite C6 laser, a world-renowned laser system that effectively diminishes melasma load gently after five to ten sittings. Objective photography attests to this in patients, time and time again.

Without these scientifically verified treatments, women resort to buying expensive make-up foundation and the daily application of thick make-up to cover this imperfection. Not only is this going to mean bigger expense in the long run, it also is time-consuming and needs a lot of effort. Seeing a dermatologist will let you to acquire the best and more permanent treatment to keep melasma gone forever.

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