tisdag 2 augusti 2011

Different Ways Of Taking Flower Essences

By Mython Park

There is a great variety of flower essences included in the Bach flower remedy. Everyone is slowly becoming familiar with them. However, did it ever occur to you that with the many kinds of flower essences available, there might be different ways to put them in our bodies? Today, our post will be about the different methods one can take these Bach flower remedy essences. You can easily go with the manner that you consider best and you can still be assured of more or less the same effects. Without further ado, here are some ways others have recommended.

1. Take them orally- having flower essences orally is the most common way of taking them. In fact, most people seem to think this is the one and only way to take them. Normally, a single dose of essence taken orally will be about 4 to 5 drops. One can choose to take it once or twice in a day. Others even like to take it more than that, as these flower essences aren't toxic or poisonous. It is totally dependent on the preference.

2. Misting the essences- the next method to know how to take flower essences is by misting. One can take a few drops of their chosen flower essences and place them in water. Pour this mixture into a sprayer bottle and then easily mist the whole room with this particular essence. The great advantage about misting is that more than one person may be able to enjoy the results of the essence, and it gets the entire space smelling very pleasing too!

3. In the bath or in your clothes- it may be also used with your bubble bath. The essences have the best scent for your bath. It may last long on your skin and may help in revitalizing your skin aging process. You might also be able to use it with your laundry as the scent these essences are good for your clothes too. Giving a natural flower scent.

Considering how many would not dare to use the flower essences orally, one may chose either of the tips stated above for your convenience. Hope this article helped you in maximizing the use of these flower essences. Not only that these essences are natural, they also come in a wide range of use.

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