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Basic Drug Testing Details

By Lindsay Barnes

Drug testing has been attracting plenty of attention in the news lately, especially when pertaining to sports. Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao, for example, has been challenged by fellow boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s father to undergo drug testing due to his performances in his recent boxing matches. Even racehorses are under scrutiny at the moment, because of possible performance enhancing substances. And let's not forget all those baseball and football players who have tested positive for steroids, severely damaging their reputations as athletes and casting a shadow on sports in general.

It's not an easy thing to undergo drug testing. In fact, some people who are required to take one may even be offended that they are asked to do so in the first place, and outraged that they are being doubted. Nevertheless, it is an important way to establish that you really haven't been taking drugs and that your integrity and health remain intact, as can be seen in drug tests for athletes.

In many countries, drug testing is done routinely, mainly in applications or renewal of driving licenses. It is also a crucial step in the job application process; people who are getting ready to enter a new workplace are usually required to take a drug test to determine if they are indeed fit to work. Some workplaces also conduct random drug testing on their employees to determine drug use that could possibly be disruptive to work flow and productivity. After all, companies would want to have a drug-free workplace and to make sure that their employees are safe. Drug use also tends to affect the habits and behavior of users, and companies want to protect themselves against any lawsuits that may arise as a result.

A drug test doesn't need to be traumatic or invasive. There are many types of drug test and nowadays, the hair drug test is quite popular, and widely considered to be the most effective drug testing method, far better than the typical blood test or urinalysis. The hair drug test is also said to be extremely accurate and becoming the preferred drug testing procedure.

Remember that when you are asked to take a drug test, you are not necessarily being suspected to be a drug user. This is a routine procedure and done only to ensure people's safety. Refusing to take it may only be used against you and spawn suspicion. Just remember that it is quick, painless, and necessary.

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