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Thoughts All About Male Pattern Baldness And You!

By John Farikani

Adults lose around one hundred hairs per day. For most people, these hairs are replaced with usual growth. However, if the hair does not get replaced by growing back, baldness may occur. For men, this shows in male pattern baldness. Men everywhere experience this, and some are definite to experience it due to their genetics. The following information can teach you all about male pattern baldness.

The hair loss can come from different areas than simply your head, however most people are mainly concerned about the baldness affecting the hair on their head. Hair may thin slowly over time and years when developing a complete form of baldness However, most of the time, males experience only the tops of their heads balding as a result.

Having too much DHT in the body causes baldness. Dihydrotestosterone is the reason that hair grows thinly and weak in males. It is the main reason that hair loss happens for people who become bald. But, you can also become bald from many other factors like health issues or stress, even the medication you may be taking. If it becomes a concern, check with your doctor.

Now that you know what causes balding, we should consider some myths. Tanning, wearing hats, sunbathing, and using different types of hair products does not cause balding in any form. None of these have been proven to ever cause balding.

Often times, balding can affect how a man feels about himself and his appearance. Some men feel that they are less attractive because of their lack of hair. Still others just deal with the balding and allow it to happen. It depends on the individual. Balding usually does not affect or change anyone's opinion of another person.

For men that are interested in stopping their balding before it becomes worse, there are a lot of options. Consider the hair treatments available to the public. You can stop your balding naturally with Saw Palmetto. Other men may choose to use products like Rogaine or Propecia. Some men even use hair replacement surgery.

No matter what you may choose, remember not to let your balding bother you. There is a solution to the problem and it is not going to change your interactions with people you care about. Balding is really just a cosmetic issue, and it can be fixed. Consider treatments or talking with your doctor for other suggestions.

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