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Jay's En-Lightening Experience

By Bobbi Landfried

I met Jay in June 1977 when he came to our home to meet my husband, a well known certified hypnotherapist. Jay was hoping to be able to study under him. As an astrologer, I asked him for his date, time and place of birth so I could do him a chart. After about a minute I made a startling discovery and returned to tell him what I had found. I think Jay found this a little strange but I said to him, Something special is going to happen to you soon. You will be guided there and this experience will change your life and someone you know will be there to observe.

Eventually, Jay met my husband and they worked together for some time. Jay had some blood pressure and stress issues so they did three hypnosis sessions together to sort the problem. Afterwards, they started to study together and Lee gave Jay perhaps seven to ten books per week to read; ever expanding Jays mind on cultures and beliefs, mind sciences and cult influences, and much more. He also recommended classes; the Loving Relationship Training by Sondra Lee and a series by Theta Seminars on Metaphysics.

Jay started to attend a class called Spiritual Psychology taught by a husband and wife team from Missouri. They had been into natural healing, natural childbirth with doctors and absolutely unique concepts for a period in time.

Most of Jays friends thought he was crazy to be attending classes like that on weekends when he could have been water skiing, boating, enjoying life, playing with women at bars, or just getting drunk like some of his clients. But, Jay was content with studying Metaphysics and Healing.

It was at the second Theta Seminar that the special event occurred. It was August 1977 and Jay was in the classroom which was in a loft on 22nd Street in New York City. In the class, they had discussed the cycles of birth and death and their influence on the soul. They did some breathing, meditation and thinking about their own birth.

Jay remembered that his life was traumatic, as his mother had gone into a coma and he was born two months premature. Then, he suddenly realized that he was meant to be born early; his weight was already 8 lbs. 15 ounces and his mother was too tiny at 411 to handle the Big Guy coming into the world.

He was able to absolve himself for wearing out his mother at birth with his size and weight. He forgave his mother for falling unconscious at his birth and missing his first two weeks of life on Earth. What an experience it was for him. Feeling the forgive-ness made Jay feel lighter.

The next part of the class was the chanting and rocking session. Jay was still feeling that lightness as the group of six in his team began elevating and rocking him to music and chants. One at a time, the team was lifting each person up and then rocking the fully elevated person before slowly returning them to the ground.

Back then Jay weighed 280 pounds and there they were, trying to get him up in the air. He felt as light as a feather, totally relaxed as he was rocked back and forth. During the session the window was open and suddenly a weird cool-damp breeze came through into the room, exactly where they were rocking Jay. A bolt of what appeared to be lightning hit Jay at the top of his head. The group pulled their hands away and he floated down to the ground.

Jay slowly opened his eyes and touched the top of his head. It felt warm. As he sat up, he was surprised to see me standing over him, looking at him. He remembered what I had said to him when we first met, And someone you know will be there to observe. Jay closed his eyes and his head was filled with ideas and formulas and concepts and the words just know that you know.

From that moment, he knew the past, present and the future. He foresaw floods, tornados, the economic crisis of 2007- on ... he was frightened, but understood. He knew about others just by looking at their faces, their eyes or from their handwriting. And there is so much more that he knew he would come know.

The question for Jay in all of this is, if there is so much that he knows, then how can he use it to help others throughout the rest of his life?

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