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Vestavia Hills Chiropractic Therapy: Long-term Back Pain Relief

By Clinton Gunia

Back pain is an expensive condition for individuals and for society in general. It causes lost work days, general ill health and acute flare-ups of when every move is excruciating. Vestavia Hills chiropractic therapy provides understanding of the specific location of pain, a review of contributing factors, and a plan for treatment.

Pain Described

More and more people are experiencing the inconvenience and pain of back problems during the lifetime. The two major types of pain are acute pain that lasts only a short while, usually less than three months. The injury site heals and the pain diminishes then disappears. With chronic pain, the discomfort doesn't go away. It may continue for weeks or months even after the injury has healed.

What Creates Back Pain?

The back is an amazing feat of construction, strictly from an engineering standpoint. The various parts of the back muscles, spine and nerves interconnect with each other and are dependent upon each other. A relatively minor irritation to one muscle from overuse, for example, can result in overcompensation to protect the area from further irritation. In the process, the entire spine is affected and thrown off balance. The muscles spasm and knot in reaction to the unnatural positioning.


The first step in treating back pain is a comprehensive physical examination, usually including x-rays. The problem areas are identified. Therapeutic massage, realignment of the spine, physical therapy exercises, posture training and decompression all may play a role in successful treatment. Natural therapy targets the entire person and treats the cause, rather than the symptoms.

Preventative Measures

Continuing pain, regardless of its location is not just something to be endured. It is important to avoid situations where accidental pain happens. Lifting too much or from the wrong orientation is often the cause of back pain. This is could have been prevented by learning how to lift and carry properly. Posture plays a role in prevention. A few simple exercises can also reduce the likelihood of pain.

A review of your pain and other symptoms that may be present will allow you to begin Vestavia Hills chiropractic therapy with the full knowledge of causes, so that the specific area can be treated. Once acute symptoms are relieved, the entire system can be treated to maintain good balance in the spinal column.

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