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Are You Still Attempting To Find That Instant Remedy For Lower Blood Pressure

By Ray Bonanza

If you are looking for a useful way to lower your blood pressure naturally likelihood is that you could be chasing a red herring. That is because according to Internet search figures and anecdotal evidence from health forums, folks suffering from raised blood pressure are most sure to be seeking a nutritive solution.

This isn't surprising when you think about that a few generations have now grown up under the you are what you eat mantra. The media definitely plays its part ; it feels like each day heralds the announcement of a new supplement that will prevent coronary disease thru lower blood pressure or cholesterol.

The list is long and includes chocolate, garlic, beetroot, celery root, grapefruit, Hawthorne berry, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, diverse amino acids and many , many more. Then you have the dizzying array of diets : the high carb diet, the low-carb diet, the fat burning diet, the Atkins diet and of course the official DASH diet recommended by most medical experts to lower blood pressure.

It is got to the point at which many people worry over every morsel they put in their body. Sadly , the hunt for a nutritive magical bullet is probably going to lead only to a dead-end. In every case of supplement the results are rather less than amazing when examined closely over a period of time. You could consume every one of them and it wouldn't likely make even a dip in your average blood pressure.

Diets are a more classy approach except for targeting categorical health Problems they also have their shortcomings. The reality is that human beings are the most adaptable creatures in the world. Normal, native peoples have survived and even prospered on the most diverse and frequently restrictive diets imaginable. They ate by prerequisite just what was available hereabouts and seasonally.

The outstanding thing these folks have in common, regardless of the variety of their diets is a virtually total lack of heart disease, high blood pressure and other life-threatening conditions prevalent in developed nations. It is tough to pin down precisely what accounts for this but it is not due to any particular diet!

Instead of looking at what these folks eat, perhaps its more helpful to ask what they don't eat. Asking this question does actually result in a typical answer : native people have not historically eaten modern, packaged foods. In fact, in case after case native folks quickly develop worrying levels of high blood pressure and coronary disease after adopting modern foods and lifestyle . Sadly , that's another thing they have in common.

It's a similar story with other nutrients. Processing food often destroys its natural balance and thus makes a contribution to raised blood pressure. Replacing these natural nutriments with supplements or focused foods is a making a guess game at best. Many nutritionists also argue that substances in supplements simply don't work as they do where they happen naturally.

Eventually, modern research into high blood pressure and diet is coming up with similar answers. High blood pressure most often arises from a disparity in the body. Minerals like potassium, sodium and magnesium, for instance, must be in balance for healthy blood chemistry. When this chemistry is destabilized we get high blood pressure.

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