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How A Fishers Herniated Disc Expert Helps Locals Relieve Pain Naturally

By Katy Parfait

A Fishers Herniated Disc chiropractor may be able to help you find relief from your herniated disc.

A disc is a fluid filled pillow that is found between two vertebrae. Often an injury can cause the membrane that surrounds the disc to become stretched out of shape. This is called a compressed or ruptured disc. In some cases, the disc may begin to leak its fluid out of the membrane.

When the disc loses its cushion, it can lead to pain in a couple of ways. First, you may begin to have bone rub against bone which can be very painful. Second, the misshapen disc can begin to press against the nerves. This condition can not only cause pain in the back, it may cause pain that radiates down a leg or arm. It can also cause tingling and numbness.

Persons that experience pain form a bulging disc do have options for treatment. One such option is surgery. For many years this was the preferred treatment for a herniated disc. Recently, however, the government has recommended that persons with back problems reconsider the surgical option. It does not affect the root cause for the pain and has the risk of severe complications. For many people, the pain may return withing six to twelve months.

The other option is chiropractic care. A doctor of chiropractic can use either spinal manipulation or spinal decompression to bring the ruptured disc back into shape and allow it to start healing. This care allows the disc to get the necessary blood flow and nutrients to speed healing from back pain.

Once the back has healed in a few weeks, you will want to take steps to prevent further injury. Before lifting heavy objects review proper lifting techniques. Use exercise to increase core strength and stop smoking.

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