fredag 15 januari 2010

Have You Ever Wondered About Reading Faster?

By Dr. Jay Polmar

Have you ever declined joining a book club because you can't recall a word you read or because you can't keep up? If your reading speed is more tortoise than hare, perhaps it's time to look into a new way of reading.

But wait you say. It took years to learn how to read before. I just dont have that kind of time.

Never fear! With our Speed Read Complete Family edition, you will be able to double your reading speed in only an hour in the privacy of your own home, dorm room, or office! Speedread America's time-tested procedure of teaching your brain to speed read has been taught in live seminars for decades all around the world and the ebooks have been translated into five languages.

Are you worried about studying speed reading online? Dr. Jay Polmar taught speed reading from 1979 to 1993 and then set up those same courses for you to learn online. Over 100,000 people have studied and you can do it too! Dont waste hundreds of dollars to read just a few words a minute faster with other methods? With our time-tested and guaranteed Speed Read Complete Family Edition "including four ebooks as well as 12 supplementary MP3 audio files which fit easily in any iPod or other MP3 player" we guarantee you will be reading noticeably faster and comprehending more in just the first hour or every penny of your money back.

Start your Speed Read Complete program (if you are a child, or if you have a child), with If You Can Read This, You Can Read Faster (specifically designed for school-aged children). Or, you can start with our higher-level, Speed Reading in Only One Hour and move to our Be Dynamic through Speed Reading. In our full course you will learn not just only how to speed read, but also how to learn to control your sub-vocalization, vary your reading speed at will, batch process, and the all-important techniques of power thinking.

Not only will you double your reading speed in just the first hour, using our time-tested Speed Read Complete course, you'll be able to increase your memory, recall, concentration, note taking, and so much more. In less than three weeks, you could even see a promotion at work or a dramatic rise in your child's GPA due to this new-found love of learning.

The Speed Read Complete was written based on a 3-day lecture course by Dr. Jay Polmar, ( an accomplished author and university and community college professor who has written over 40 titles to his name. Dr. Polmar has assisted over 100,000 all around the world read faster and get ahead in both school and life.

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