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Fountain Valley Back Expert Dr. John Warren Supports Locals Living With Pain

By Kenya Saab

Fountain Valley Herniated Disc see people who are suffering from back pain that is the usual, main symptom of a herniated disc. The pain is often in the lower back. Disc pain can travel down the legs if a nerve is squashed.

Legs will not be raised for more than a third of the way up without pain, numbness and a tingling sensation. This indicated that a herniated disc is suspected. An MRI scan - using magnetic waves may be performed.

The pain can be unbearable and might need pain killers to help. Alternative therapies can help and should be explored if pain killers are to be avoided. Alternative therapies like Aromatherapy can sometimes help but, a doctor should always be seen first.

It might take several days or weeks before any changes are noted. Prescription drugs such as ibuprofen, codeine and diazepam are the most common way of treating the pain and inflammation associated with herniated discs. Surgery is not, generally, an option, although 1 in 10 have been treated this way as a last resort.

The nerve runs deep into the buttocks and down the back of each leg, so it is not uncommon for sufferers of a herniated disc to experience a tingling, numbing sensation in their legs. When a person has sharp, shooting pain down their back and legs it is known as sciatica. To compensate for this incredible discomfort, many people will significantly alter the way they walk.

It also depends on how bad the pain is and for how long they have been suffering it. Good posture techniques can also help with sciatica. A doctor should assess back problems and might ask questions that help determine the nature of the pain. A doctor can find out a lot by asking a client if the pain is radiating down one or both of the legs as this can explain if a nerve is compressed.

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