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Eliminating the Myths about Piles - Piles Treatment

By John Detlefs

There are many stories going around about hemorrhoids. Piles Stories can range from involving hemorrhoids symptoms to what causes hemroids all the way through to natural cures and treatments for hemroids. We're going to see where the truth lies.

Myth # 1 - Piles can lead to cancer

This is the scary one for most hemroids sufferers. The good news is that hemroids causing cancer is definitely a myth. Let's take a look at the differences between Cancer and hemorrhoids. Hemroids are rectal veins that via extra pressure from the pelvis have become enlarged of inflamed. Cancer, however, can occur from veins that have divided and become unruly (or veins that are now out of control)

Piles do not cause colorectal cancer and they don't lead to the development of any type of cancer in the rectum or colon. So rest easy. Sometimes a tumour in the bowel will result in Hemroids however, as it may exert pressure on the rectal veins.

Myth #2 Hemorrhoids only happen to old people.

This is one of the most common fallacies about hemorrhoids.This health condition may occur more often in those of an advancing age but it is not only an older persons problem. It can be a problem for anyone at any age.

Hemorrhoids are caused when weak veins become swollen and enlarged due to blood clots. It is true that as you get older you the walls of the veins become weaker which does make it more likely that you'll get them, and because of this people think that Hemroids are just for old people.

You should know though that many things can lead to Hemorrhoids including poor diet (not enough fibber or water) and a sedentary lifestyle. The office environment doesn't help, as long periods of sitting or inactivity have been positively linked to Hemorrhoids.

Myth #3: Gay Sex (anal intercourse) can cause Hemroids

This is another myth that is widely believed by many. The truth of the matter is that this type of sex will not cause Hemroids to develop. However if you already have hemorrhoids then this sexual act can serve to irritate the ones you already have.

Myth #4 No Hemorrhoids Treatment Works.

You do not have to accept Hemorrhoids as your plight in life! There are many things you can do to heal hemorrhoids and to treat them. For hemorrhoid relief and to cope with the pain, itching and burning look to hemorrhoid creams and natural remedies for hemorrhoids. Sitz baths are beneficial as is changing your diet to include more fiber. For the most severe cases of Hemroids, surgery is a viable option.

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