onsdag 27 januari 2010

Ways To Cure Snoring Problem

By Mariah Smith

Everybody snores either frequently or occasionally and it is a very normal thing. But, snoring is not good if it has a negative impact on the duration of your sleep and its quality. This affects the lifestyle of the person and it can lead to many health problems, tiredness and irritability.

Many believe that there is no complete cure for snoring and though this may be true, there are some treatment options which can lower it significantly. Snoring treatment options include a number of home-based cures and even medical and surgical options, which are highly successful in removing the problem.

Which snoring treatment will be most effective in your case varies a lot on whether you snore only in a particular sleeping posture and whether the mouth is open while snoring. People who are not severe snorers can resolve their problem by making some lifestyle changes, but regular snorers may need medical or surgical treatments. These lifestyle modifications could be getting rid of excess fat, staying away from some food items and alcoholic drinks, ensuring you clean your nose frequently and sleeping at a fixed position with your head supported by a pillow.

If such lifestyle changes do not lower your snoring habit , then consulting your physician is a good alternative. Doctors can recommend a lot of alternatives like the use of a mechanical device whose function is to provide air to a mask that is put on when sleeping. One more cure that is frequently prescribed is nasal strips that make sure that breathing takes place through the nose. You can also resort to dental treatments including mouth guards that keep the air passage open to mitigate the problem.

Lastly, there are some surgical treatments available for snoring. In surgery the blocking tissues are extracted and the flaws if any in the nasal area are corrected. Pillar procedure is one of the effective surgical cures for snoring that involves putting little implants in the patient's soft palate.

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