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A Body Cleansing For Adolescents

By Ben Pate

Between the ages of 13 and 16, both boys and girls are developing and turning into young men and women. It is vitally important for their self-esteem to look their best, and even more importantly for them to feel physically full of energy and enthusiasm for their lives. This takes a little help from parents and friends and a total body cleanse should only be considered if using the minimum requirements needed to achieve it.

Purely for physical health reasons, a cleanse can help a young adult overcome several of the problems that target that age group. They must be willing to follow the program designed for them and any fasting periods need supervising by a responsible adult. Care must be taken to not let any bulimia episodes occur, which teenagers may mistakenly believe helps lose weight.

The teenager will have to abide to the rules of the body cleansing and these should be made clear before any attempt at starting it begins. A commitment is needed from them to follow the guidelines set down and to complete the course. Communication needs to be open and honest as it does involve their physical well being. The monitoring of the fast should not be an intrusive experience for them and if everything goes well, the guardian - child relationship will grow in trust.

Begin with supplying an endless amount of peppermint and spearmint tea. This is a very nice hot herbal drink but can also be drunk with ice as a refreshing cold drink. The qualities of the herbs start to work on the digestive tract straight away. It helps to alleviate acidity in the stomach too, bringing alkalinity back in to balance it all out. Very quickly, the halitosis is dealt with and the teen has learned how to cope with it themselves.

When gaining maturity, teens like to have control of their own destinies and so adding a little responsibility in the detox program will benefit them in more ways then one. Alerts could be set with them so that they immediately tell a parent if any signs of fatigue or illness happen while on the diet or when fasting. The fast should also only last a day or two because of their age. If they need to cheat, then raw fruits and vegetables will be ok for them to eat.

Getting back onto solids after the short fast should be well planned. Again, raw fruits and vegetables are the mainstay for the course. As the diet progresses back to the normal eating habits of the teen, little by little another food previously prohibited can be reinstated such as wheat products and dairy. Eventually they will be eating everything teenagers enjoy and there will be no stopping them.

Peppermint tea is refreshing and tastes sweet without the addition of sugars. Water gets pretty boring, so a variety of herb teas for different times of the day will make a difference to the whole experience. As peppermint and most of the mint family has digestive health properties, it is usable for breakfast and morning tea. Spearmint is another popular flavor. Chamomile is an excellent bedtime beverage as it aids a good night's sleep. This will be useful if they are feeling hungry while on the fast.

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