torsdag 21 januari 2010

The Ultimate Health Boost - Clearing Your Chakras!

By Gina Sherman

Our world is a demanding one; we live busy lives which often leave us exhausted. It's important to recharge yourself so that you can achieve ever better things in your life- and just get through your day!

It's not just your physical conditionthat's important; but also the shape that your mind and your spirit are in. All three are important to allowing you to continue to develop yourself in your personal as well as your professional life.

Every one of us has energy centers called chakras throughout our bodies. Our chakras are responsible for ensuring the proper flow of energy throughout our bodies; they are also a link between your outer and inner selves.

Chakras perform the important function of taking your potential energy and allowing you to turn this into action. Your energy levels can come to low ebb if you do not regularly refresh these internal energy stores and clear you chakras to keep them working at their peak. Clearing chakras should be a routine part of taking care of your health, since it gives you renewed energy and vigor.

The primary chakras are located along your spine, but there are a large number of secondary and tertiary chakras which are located all over your body. Each has its own particular function, corresponding to a different physiological and psychological aspect of your being. By working on your chakras, you can bring them into proper function and make them work together harmoniously.

Clearing chakras is a simple idea: you remove the negative energy which can block your chakras from working properly and allow positive energy to fill them.

You can make counterclockwise motions to rid your chakras of negative energy and clockwise movements to bring in positive energy.

You may experience a twinge of pain or discomfort while clearing chakras. This is negative energy flowing out of your chakras and is nothing to be alarmed about. Your chakras will soon be replenished with positive energy.

Your chakras receive positive energy from the universe and make it available to you.

Chakra clearing can make you feel refreshed and energetic, which is why there are many who make chakra clearing something which they do on a regular basis. How often exactly you need to clear your chakras depends on the individual.

After clearing your chakras, You'll find yourself with increased self awareness, better coping skills and new ideas. Clearing and balancing your chakras can give you renewed energy and a different, more positive outlook on life.

If your're new to the concept of clearing chakras, you should start by working on them one at a time. Clearing one chakra at a time recharges each chakra as you go and lets them start taking in positive universal energy. After you are done clearing your chakras, You'll feel relaxed and refreshed in body and mind.

It's a good idea to educate yourself about the chakras; You'll want to know which chakras are tied to which physiological functions and which character traits. This lets you focus on the chakras which need the most work first.

You need all of the energy you can get in our fast paced world. By keeping your energy centers in balance, you can make sure that your're ready for the challenges of modern life.

Spiritual energy is no less important than is physical or mental energy; and clearing your chakras will recharge all three; You'll be able to feel the difference.

When you make chakra clearing a regular part of your lifestyle, then you can approach life with more energy and a clear head. You'll be able to overcome the obstacles which would have stopped you before and achieve your goals.

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