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Drugs Used For Treatment - Chemotherapy

By Veronica Carrillo

As far as scary words in the English language go, "cancer" is near the top of the list. The good news is that we don't have to wait around simply hoping that cancer doesn't affect us and our loved ones. According to scientists in the UK, effective cancer prevention starts with the food on your plate.

There are two main types of Leukemia, the Acute and the Chronic. When the immature blood gets weight age in the body and it is increased more than the mature blood, it gets converted into Leukemia. In this type an immediate treatment is must as if the blood gets circulated in majority of the parts of body, it becomes difficult to handle the situation and that results into the blocking of bone marrow to produce healthy blood cells. So, the curing should be deadly faster. Also the lymphocytes Leukemia and myelogenous Leukemia are also the other types of this disease.

Leukemia Symptoms are difficult to find outer as it is totally internal process. If in any of the reports it is found to have the damage of bone marrow or even the lack of platelets can be the reason of this cancer. Other symptom can be the suppressing or dysfunctional behavior of White Cells in Blood without any reason. Leukemia prevents the immune system so if there are complains of frequent infections or even the tonsils, sores in mouth are felt, diarrhea, pneumonia or even the opportunistic infections are felt than there are bright chances of converting the diseases into Leukemia.

For women born today, 1.4% can expect a diagnosis of ovarian cancer during their lifetimes. The National Cancer Institute estimates that more than 21,000 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer and over 14,000 women will die of ovarian cancer in 2010. The National Cancer Institute predicts that over 70,000 American men and women will be diagnosed with lymphoma in 2010 and that more than 20,000 of these cases will prove fatal.

Complications. Because of the diminished resistance of the patient, he is subject to complications from secondary infections. Another serious problem is hemorrhage, frequently into the intestinal tract. Or it may involve any organ system.

Treatment of Leukemia The treatment is difficult yet not impossible as some of the medication treatment are required to get cured and beside this there are also the radiation therapy and bone marrow transplantation are the treatments of this diseases. But still nothing gives guarantee as the diagnosis has no outer symptoms and the stage in which the diseases are approached is also important.

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