onsdag 6 januari 2010

Some Cures For Mesothelioma, Mesothelioma Research And Present Prognosis

By Heidi Wingrain

Mesothelioma is a man made cancer, caused by asbestos which is a naturally found silicate mineral. Asbestos is put to use widely in industries for cement manufacture, construction activities, ship building etc. It is found in mines and its requirement has increased greatly due to its qualities like resistance to heat, insulation capacity etc. But it has not been revealed for many years that the minute particles can cause the deadly form of cancer. Now it is proved beyond doubt, but many have fallen victims to the malicious disease. Hence a mesothelioma prognosis becomes totally shattering and useless in the present scenario.

The cures of mesothelioma, mesothelioma prognosis and researches are topics to be dealt with in detail. The tiny asbestos particles which are inhaled, damage the mesothelium which is the protective covering of our internal organs. The infection gradually spreads and disrupts the normal functioning of the organs. Since there is no complete cure available for the disease, the prognosis of the disease is not advantageous. But there is a ray of hope prevailing that the researches going on at the different laboratories will help to find a proper cure for the disease in the near future.

There are many treatment methods adopted by the doctors which include conventional therapies like radiation and chemotherapy. However these methods have not given hundred percent results since the disease shows up very late. Immediately after the diagnosis, the condition of the patient deteriorates. In case the disease is detected and treated early, there are better chances for survival. But the very characteristics of the disease make it impossible.

It is always better to improve the immunity of the workers and find ways and means to prevent getting exposed to the deadly material. The companies these days are providing masks and protective clothing to the workers in the workshops and mines. At the same time researchers have developed new therapies including gene therapy, immunotherapy, photodynamic therapy etc to treat the disease.

Cures of mesothelioma, mesothelioma prognosis and prevention tactics may not be satisfactory now. But, thanks to the increased awareness regarding the disease, many are taking interest to avoid misuse of the material. There is hope that due to the collective efforts of all concerned the fight against mesothelioma will ultimately win.

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