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Celebrities Winning the Battle Against Cancer - Celebrity Cancer Survivors

By Veronica Carrillo

Having made its name as a cult brand in Hollywood, Cosmelan is a breakthrough in depigmentation (whitening). The treatment works by the inhibition of an enzyme that causes the formation of melanin (tyrosine).

The main effect of this toxin is to cause flaccid paralysis of the muscles, which prevents a muscle from being able to contract for about 3-4 months. Wrinkles are caused by the contraction of facial muscles, so using botox paralyses the muscle in the relaxed position, thereby reducing the appearance of lines, or creases in the forehead, brow or around the eyes. One of the most attractive aspects of botox treatment is that it's a fairly simple and non surgical procedure which involves only a series of short injections. Other benefits are that it's relatively inexpensive, quick and easy to have, and the positive results can be observed after just three days following treatment. Unlike invasive surgery, there is no recovery period, and very few side effects. Some patients sometimes report redness and swelling around the treatment site, but this usually last for less an hour.

Another very popular president was Ronald Reagan. Part of his popularity may have had something to do with the fact that before he ever even got into politics, Reagan was an actor and a very likable person. His charm and charisma carried over into his political life as Governor of California and as the President of the United States. Reagan brought the country to a time of great prosperity during his two terms in office. Some of his achievements were so innovative that they were known as the Reagan Revolution. But if all this wasn't enough, Reagan was also the victim of an attempted assassination attempt. Fortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful. But this only served to increase his popularity with a country that already loved him.

Probably, there was no more popular President of the United States than Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt became President during one of the worst times in United States history. It was the low point of the Great Depression. At the time he was elected there were over 13 million people unemployed. Almost every bank in the country was closed. But Roosevelt was not afraid of the challenge in front of him. In his first 100 days in office he proposed a program to bring prosperity back to the country. Congress enacted his reform programs, which included the WPA. Aid was given to business and agriculture. Those who were unemployed and in danger of losing their homes and farms were given relief. By 1935 the nation was beginning to pull out of the worst depression in its history.

Even though some businessmen and bankers were afraid of his New Deal programs, his popularity with the people of the United States was so great that he was elected to 4 terms of office, the only President in the history of the United States to have that honor. It was because of this that an amendment was made that no President could be elected to more than two terms of office.

There were other popular Presidents, but these three were probably the most popular that the United States ever had, at least during a time when popularity was linked to being a celebrity. And these three Presidents were most certainly all celebrities.

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