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Chronic Yeast Infections Can Be prevented

By Jason King

Chronic yeast infections can be a annoying problem for a small percentage of adults. Even though you have a immense choice of over the counter and prescription anti Candida medicines available, they can be tricky conditions to overcome, and fairly often return without any warning.

Home cures are generally enough to take on any infrequent Candida infections, but for recurrent Candida infections they're normally best paired with certain medicines.

You need to be careful when self-treating, as with some anti fungal active ingredients - even ones that appear fairly harmless - reactions can happen when taken along the side of other medications. As well, some treatments work perfectly well for most people, but can create an allergic reaction, or otherwise negative effect in other adults.

In these instances where someone may be contemplating mixing different remedies to cure cases of regular or chronic Candida infections, a medical practitioner should first be consulted. And a diary of the different types of cures should be kept, as this can assist in the event that the person suffers from an adverse response to any of the treatments.

Chronic Candida infections show themselves for a variety of reasons. One major cause is a suppressed immune system, like adults suffering from HIV or AIDS. If you're suffering from chronic Candida infections, it's in your best interest that you consult your doctor to rule out the possibility of any contributing factors of a more serious nature.

Having said this, a suppressed immune system is far from the most common reason of chronic Candida infections. Antibiotics are another common reason - a simple, run-of-the-mill course of antibiotics has the ability to easily wipe out every bacteria in your body, which is a prime place for the rapid growth of Candida-infection fungus.

If you're going to be taking a course of antibiotics, it's best to take precautionary measures to strengthen the 'beneficial' bacteria in your body, for example eating plenty of sugar free, natural, live yogurt (which comprises of live acidophilus bacteria cultures) and garlic, which stimulates your immune system and regulates the endocrine system (which is responsible for hormone distribution and supervision).

Another circumstance for recurrent yeast infections could be stress, and an improper diet. Stress is an excellent inhibitor and imbalancer of everyday bodily functions even though a lot of adults might not be appreciative of this. And when this is coupled with a steady diet containing all the "unwholesome" foods, conditions for recurrent yeast infections to occur are ripe.

Another frequent cause of recurrent yeast infections in women is the consistent use of 'feminine products' which contain flavorings, colors and scents. Even using soap to wash yourself is sometimes enough to spark off a Candida infection; consistent use may cause recurrent yeast infections. Stay away from douches, elaborate female washes, genital deodorants, and other chemical-based products. It's easy, just plain tap water is adequate enough to clean your intimate areas with as the vagina is self-cleaning.

The only way to truly stop recurrent yeast infections is to take a good look at your way of living, and to make the necessary changes to reflect a less stressful and healthier one, where Candida infections are least likely to occur.

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