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Hypnosis - The Truth Behind All The Myths

By Adam Cox

Hypnosis and its arm, hypnotherapy, have been the focus of many misconceptions created by layman's imagination. People either believe them to be falling in the domain of the occult, or don't consider them to be serious scientific endeavours. Some of the popular myths associated with hypnosis and the reality behind them are discussed here.

Hypnosis has nothing to do with black magic of any kind. It is a very simple technique, which can be understood without much difficulty with the help of psychology and other scientific methods. Even people who have seen hypnosis on others mostly refuse to acknowledge it. They argue that those who can be hypnotized are somehow weak mentally. But nothing could be more distant from the truth. Hypnosis can in fact work on people who are mentally strong and are trying hard to avoid the spell.

That hypnosis is an alternate state of consciousness is another myth that has been circulating for quite some time now. A hypnotized person is fully awake to what is going on in his surroundings. Hypnosis actually induces a state of absolute calm characterized by a rise in levels of attentiveness, and this intensified sensitivity helps the subject to absorb suggestions without difficulty.

Another misconception, which has been propagated by some researchers, claims that hypnosis can work on merely 5% of the human population. The scientists are to some extent true in their own way, because they tried hypnotising the group by the same hypnosis technique without considering individual differences in character and disposition. People differ in their natures and personalities, and therefore there have to be different hypnosis methods to suit the temperaments of different people.

People also tend to equate hypnosis with meditation. However, meditation is a purely personal experience that has got nothing to do with communication, on the other hand communication is an integral part of any successful hypnosis. The state of trance and the state of hypnosis are entirely different from each other too. Just like meditation, trance is a state of mind, and it is not associated with communication in any manner, on the other hand the very crux of the hypnosis method is communication.

A majority of people believe that it is not possible to bring about alterations in one's appearance and conduct through hypnosis training or hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is clearly not wizardry that it can transform the physical appearance of an individual just like that. But it can bring about a development in physical health by altering behavioural patterns like overeating and chain smoking by raising motivation levels in an individual.

Undergoing hypnotherapy is a good way to lead a happy and fulfilling life, and therefore one must not pay attention to the myths, and go for hypnotic sessions with an unbiased mind.

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