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Creating Weight Loss Resolutions That Work

By Ray Bonanza

The year 2010 is upon us and I am sure enough you have goals floating in your head and curious how to manifest your goals. Know this, you are a unique human being and all your dreams can be accomplished, provided you take action and follow the capable action plans that follow. First Off, remember goals in your head is just that and to bring them into fruition you need to create an action plan.

Simply Write Them Down

Just get a piece of paper or notebook and be ready to write down your goals. Number them and write them down based on the order of importance. Put a realization date next to each goal and actually visualize yourself getting them. Let us take a good look at how to write your goal effectively:

Todays date: December 31st, 2009

Want to lose weight:

Present weight: 195lbs

Desired weight: 150lbs

Must lose 45lbs in six months

Must lose 7.5lbs every month

Goal realization date June 30th, 2010

Now make some copies of this particular goal and you need to paste it at locations where you will see it everyday. Put one in your bathroom, put one in your kitchen, put one in your car. Look at your goal everyday, morning, afternoon and night. Push Aside what other people think. This your life and it is high time you put yourself in charge of it.

Now make an action plan around your goal and stick to it. Losing weight is a standard wish during this time of the year and we will continue on how you get this goal accomplished. A good action plan for losing weight will be as follows: Write it down:

The primary reason for weight gain is eating too much:

From now on I will eat less and less and less! Reducing my calorie intake by 5% everyday until I am only eating 50% of my present calories intake.

By January 20th, 2010 I will be eating 50% less than now

Everyday I will do some form of physical exercise.

I will stop two blocks from my my house and walk home everyday in a happy mood. Breathing in and doing simple strecthing as I go home.

Any local errand will now be done using my feet to help do away with any extra weight. Each movement uses energy and each energy use burns calories.

If you can afford it, join a local gym. You want to start slow and then work yourself up in minutes! At the gym you need to sweat and do not make the mistake of reading a magazine as you use the treadmill. You need commitment and focus.

By the second week you will start seeing results. Buy yourself a weight scale and put it right in your room. Weigh yourself everyday to judge your results. Small weight loss is more desirable than rapid weight loss. You can lose weight by adopting the above example or you can go back to your tiresome life existence. You can do it! you can do it! And now you have a programme to make that materialize. Good luck and it is better to start now!

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