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How To Remove Body Hair

By Kate Lewis

Many individuals face the problem of unwanted hair and struggle to get results even after trying out various methods of hair removal. What hair removal method is best suited for you is dependent on factors such as the concentration or location of hair growth, your skin type and its sensitivity.

The most widely used technique of hair removal is shaving. It is cheap and effective, but it is short-term and has to be done on a routine basis to maintain a smooth look. A good instance of this is men shaving their beards daily. Shaving is also good for ridding body parts such as chest or legs of hair.

Another option is waxing hair from the body. It is a messy procedure that can usually not be done in the house without external assistance. The advantage is that while waxing, the hair is removed from the base, which gives a longer period of hair-free skin as the hair takes about two weeks to begin growing back. However, you should remember that waxing causes pain and hence, it is not suitable for sensitive parts.

The third process is using a hair removal cream, which is easy to apply and can be used without anyone's help. While this is free from pain, the hair reappears quicker than in the method of waxing. There is an additional danger of rashes being caused on the skin due to the constituents present in the cream.

Those people who have denser hair on certain areas of the body than others can choose to go for hair transplant, in which hair is taken out from the high hair density areas and implanted on the less hairy parts. This procedure is complicated and should only be tried if no other options are available.

Lastly, laser hair removal treatment can be opted for, but its cost is too high. The major benefit of this technique is that its results last forever. However it must be carried out by a trained expert in order to avoid accidents and scarring.

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