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Seek Instant Medical Help For Cough

By Kenny Huang

When you have common flu, you are generally afflicted with painful cough and sore throat. These symptoms should not be ignored and one must seek medical advice immediately and get these properly treated.

Coughs happen because the defence mechanisms in the body propel them in order to clear the passage of air in the throat which provides air to the lungs. They not just happen because of physical discomfort and ailments but also can be triggered because of psychological problems. Cough caused due to physical problems are generally either allergic in nature, triggered by external pollutants or other agents, or a symptom of some ailment the person is suffering from. The other kinds of coughs are the ones triggered psychologically and are usually habitual. This type of coughing is called Streruphilia and does not have any root cause in physical problems.

Cough can often be a chronic problem with identifiable features and can also be serious based on how intense and painful the symptoms are. Acute coughing problems which go on for not greater than 3 weeks at a stretch can be caused because of both infectious and non-infectious diseases. While conditions such as sinusitis or pneumonia result in acute cough, chronic coughs are usually a result of complications such as asthma and bronchitis.

In order to make sure that you get proper treatment for your cough problem, you have to consult a doctor to find out the nature and cause of the problem. Antibiotics, Antihistamines and cough suppressants are a few of the medications often prescribed by the doctors to provide relief from acute coughs. In some cases, especially chronic ailments, the cough treatment can last for long durations, even months, to fully cure or suppress the problem.

As with any other ailment, prevention of cough is always more sensible than having to deal with it later when you become badly affected by it. Abstaining from smoking, exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet that develops immune system and improves overall health can help prevent coughs.

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