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Cure Your Bleeding Hemroids in Few Simple Steps

By John Cole

It is said that bleeding hemroids (or hemorrhoids) are the most painful and advanced kind, but of course they are not the sole cause of bleeding from the rectum. Rather than trying to diagnose yourself, consult your Doctor to get the benefit of his/her expertise. Having interviewed and tested you, your Physician can tell you if bleeding hemorrhoids are your problem and whether they are inside the rectum or outside the anus.

A lot of people wonder what hemroids are. Swollen veins in the area around the rectum are called hemroids. While the actual swelling may vanish within a few days, the patient will suffer from its effects in the form of bleeding and painful bowels.

Bleeding hemroids happen due to blockage of blood in rectum. After sometime, the veins are not able to tolerate the high amount of pressure exerted by the blocked blood. This act of sitting down pressurizes the vein resulting in pain in the rectum. This squeezing exerts more pressure on the veins leading to bleeding hemorrhoids.

One of the leading causes of hemroids is constipation. The hard stool that is formed in constipation irritates the anal passage when it is being forced out. This constant scraping of the anal walls can lead to streaks of blood to appear on the stool. When you notice blood on the stool, there is no cause for undue alarm, but neither should you sit back and ignore it. After all, the sooner you get a diagnosis done, the faster you'll be able to work on how to stop bleeding hemorrhoids.

Pregnant women are highly susceptible to bleeding hemorrhoids, which subside after the delivery of the baby. People who are overweight also run the risk of ending up with this situation as the lower half of the body is under constant pressure, supporting the weight of the upper half. Finally, if your family has a history of hemorrhoids, odds are that you may also get bleeding hemorrhoids at some point of time in your life.

Once you've been diagnosed with this condition, you need to begin treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids. You can resort to allopathic treatment, homoeopathy, and herbal cure to get relief from the symptoms of this condition. In addition to whatever treatment you are following, it would be a great idea to incorporate foods that are high in fiber, so that you can prevent or cut constipation, which, in turn will put less pressure on your anal canal.

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