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Surrogate Parenting Finding The Right Surrogate

By Calli Kuzon

Many people are unable to have a child through natural means. If adoption is not for you maybe surrogate parenting is. You will have to sign a legal contract to partake in this. A woman will become pregnant with another woman's baby after she has went through an in vitro fertilization process. She will give up any legal rights to the child she has at birth. The surrogate may or may not have any involvement in the child's life depending on what was in the legal agreement.

If you are therefore making the decision to become or hire a surrogate, it's a decision that must not be taking lightly. So what happens in this process is that a surrogate mother will usually be financially compensated for her services and all the medical bills related to the pregnancy and birth will be paid for as well.

So basically the surrogate goes through the pregnancy and childbirth then gives up the baby. If the surrogate is close to the parents, maybe a friend or a sibling of them, it can make the process easier on them. At other times the surrogate is unknown to the couple and it is more of a business transaction, or perhaps they see themselves as a good benefactor.

In short if you are considering being a surrogate, it is vitally important that you understand the legalities and specifics of what you are agreeing to. It is agreed that the ideal circumstances a woman should become a surrogate in, is if she already has children, and does not want any more of her own. This is why the complex legal document has to be set up in the first place.

If you cannot have children and are interested in surrogacy you can gain further information from these resources. Have a look at surrogate parenting sites on the web. As the law differs in various counties try and find out the regulations for your state. Sign up to surrogacy forums as you will meet people who have been through it before. Check out some books on the subject to extensively research the subject before you agree on anything.

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