torsdag 12 november 2009

Massage Chair Review: Panasonic EP-1080 KU Massage Recliner

By Jesse Sheffield

Here we take a look at the latest luxury massage chair from Panasonic. This model is the EP 1080 KL. It is part of the new Panasonic urban collection in is designed to help you achieve therapeutic muscle relaxation. The EP 1080 comes with a number of different massage techniques including the new Chiro mode. Panasonic has been making massage chairs for over 35 years and this is the new urban collection released this year.

The new urban collection is a standardized platform for these entry-level Panasonic massage chairs. The EP 1080KL massage chair is styled similarly as the other two models in this collection. You also get the standard programming package of four automatic massage programs.

The new Chiro mode massage is a new technique designed for better muscle relaxation. It also helps to promote good posture by eliminating fatigued muscles. This is a great way to relax and let the massage chair do you work to help you relax and find relief for tight and sore muscles.

The first thing that you'll notice about the EP 1080 is its new design. Panasonic is finally concentrating on getting more stylish massage chairs into their lineup. The urban collection massage chair comes with a brushed aluminum accents which is a great change over the typical plastic used before.

You'll find a large number of manual massage techniques at your disposal and the Panasonic EP 1080KL massage recliner. This chair has eight manual massage techniques. Some of the techniques include rolling, tapping, compression and even Hawaiian style massage. This makes it easy to find a technique to suit your mood.

Panasonic has built-in massage techniques to stimulate your acupoints. There are over 350 different acupoints throughout the body. Many of the massage techniques capitalize on stimulating the acupoints for full body relief and invigoration of greater levels of energy.

An interesting massage technique contained in the Panasonic EP 1080 KL massage chair is the Hawaiian style technique. The Hawaiian massage technique uses swaying motions which is perfect for loosening up the back and shoulders.

The EP 1080 KL massage chair has a floating mechanism for massaging the back. This floating mechanism has a number of movements similar to that of a wrist. This enables it to provide many different types of massage movements which add to possibilities for relief.

One area that technology is being used to identify is acupoints. There have been almost 350 different acupoints identified in the human body. There are nearly 100 alone just in the back and neck areas. Many of the massage programs target stimulation of these areas to induce greater energy circulation.

The EP 1080 comes with an electronically controlled recline. You can recline back 170. This helps you find the proper position to receive an effective massage. Get a luxurious massage every time with the new urban collection from Panasonic.

The standard warranty with the EP 1080 KL massage chair is three years of parts and one year of labor. This is warranty coverage for this price point. You may also have the option of purchasing an extended warranty in some cases.

The EP-1080 gives you a good range of massage techniques and a fairly attractive contemporary design. There are a number of effective techniques included in this model. This gives you a wide range of applications to serve your needs over the long term. The EP 1080 model from Panasonic is a massage chair worth your time in evaluating.

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