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Planning Gay Vacations To Australia

By Howie Holben

Picture an entire continent filled with unique and exciting adventures. Now think of urbane and tolerant cities, perfect for gay travel. Imagine vacationing in a land of wonders so diverse, with settings (both natural and manmade) so magnificent, it truly boggles the mind.

Australia is a welcoming destination for the gay traveler. There are activities to fit the needs of all travelers. Many gay couples and singles are heading for this beautiful continent.

When you're "Down Under," it is safe to say you're seldom far from an experience that will delight you as never before. Consider visiting the Yarra, Coal River or Swan Valleys if you're a wine connoisseur. These areas produce succulent grapes used in Australia's world-renowned wines. Visit the wineries and their tasting rooms to experience first-hand the contrast between a smooth white and smoky red. Adrenalin-seekers can plan a diving expedition off the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland or Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia.

Visitors can swim with giant whale sharks at Ningaloo. In the Northern Territory at Darwin Harbor, you can dive World War II shipwrecks. In Tasmania you can hike national parks and ancient rainforests, home to interesting plants and animals.

No gay traveler's Australian trek would be complete without a stop in Melbourne, the second-largest city in Australia. It is a multi-cultural metropolis where sedate Victorian architecture effortlessly fuses with contemporary offerings. In this friendly locale, the gay traveler can study sculptures in Werrebee Park, shop high-end or discount clothiers and funky boutiques, take in a musical or comedy at the theater, and cap it all off with a visit to one of Melbourne's trendy clubs, or even a coffee bar!

For gay travelers who enjoy driving, consider embarking on the Pacific Coast Touring Route and take in the lush and quaint scenery. But remember, Australians drive on the left side of the road! If that sounds too sedate, you can get your heart pumping during various water sports, such as river rafting or kayaking.

Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere, so the seasons there are reversed from the season in the Northern Hemispere. In general, Australias coastal regions are warm and humid, while the interior regions are desert-like and dry, with blistering temperatures in the daytime that dip to freezing at night.

Australia has a very wide range of accommodations. From hostels to small inns for romantic holidays, to high end spa retreats and everything in between, making gay holidays to Australia affordable, no matter what you budget might be.

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