torsdag 12 november 2009

How Fiber Can Improve Your Health

By Wanda McCall

Fiber rich foods should be a major part of your diet. Why? Because, to start with, they give you just what you need to get up and go. The result is, like my grandma recounted, You can feel happy with yourself.

Foods rich in fiber promote regularity and stop bowel obstruction. They soften and increase stool bulk, helping to move waste and poisons more efficiently and effectively through the bowel, which alleviates irregularity and bowel problems. Diet fiber gets rid of the requirement for dangerous diuretics helping stop hemorrhoids and colon cancer.

But promoting healthy bowel movements is not the only benefit of fiber rich food. They also lower cholesterol reducing risk of coronary disease and normalize blood sugar levels forestalling the beginning of diabetes. Additionally, fiber, by making you feel fuller, is a great help in weight loss and perfect weight upkeep.

In other words, fiber rich food not only help you to feel better. They help you look better too. So what's not to like?

Which foods, then, are the highest in fiber? The answer's simple! Plant foods! Fiber is essentially the eatable but indigestible parts of all plant foods - fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts and seeds. This means you will not find any fiber in beef, fish, birds or dairy foods. You can find categorical foods at this list of high fiber foods.

Unfortunately, the Standard American Diet ( S.A.D. For short ) of burgers, fries and shakes is incredibly low in dietary fiber. Only about 5% of the populace are getting the advocated twenty-two to 38 grams of daily fiber. That's the reason why millions of people in the U.S. Have frequent constipation and spend many millions of greenbacks annually for purgatives and other over the counter relief.

So if you're looking for relief of constipation or want to help prevent hemorrhoids, cancer of the bowel, heart disease and diabetes, begin to eat more fiber rich fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads and pasta, brown rice, beans and heaps of seeds and nuts.

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