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Prostate Cancer Recurrence Decreases Life Expectancy

By Laura Kelsey

Ageing male suffers from this disease and commonly prostate cancer recurrence does not take place because of the slow growth rate of the cancerous cells. Moreover, nowadays every male has the idea about this disease; so, most of them adopt all types of preventive and precautionary measures as soon as they attain fifty years of age. Therefore, early detection leads to complete cure.

However, you can use the latest preventive measures after the completion of the treatment to ensure that prostate cancer recurrence does not take place. One of the best methods of preventing the return of the disease is to use vaccination. It may sound odd but the fact is that this vaccine contains substances, which has the capability of breaking down the cancer cells and stopping the recurrence.

Observation shows that the disease returns within the five years post treatment period. Therefore, if you feel that the symptoms are returning you can take the PSA test as an indicator. This is a sure shot test as the antigen level remains low in normal condition but shoots up when cancerous cells are present in the blood.

Thus, you should always pay heed to your doctor's advice and maintain the schedule of regular check ups so that if you have any doubt about the revival of the disease you can easily get the clarification in the results and ward off your doubt. It often happens that a person who has suffered from this disease considers the common aches and pains in the body as revival of the disease.

Therefore, prostate cancer test helps you to lead a life free of tension and doubt after you have attained fifty years of age. This concept is true for all the ageing males whether they have already suffered the pains of the disease or is free from it but have the chances of contacting it. Thus, you should never neglect the regular schedule of tests prepared by your doctor for your well-being.

In spite of all the preventive and precautionary measures, if your prostate cancer test result indicates a constant rise in the PSA level then it is a matter of great concern. The rise in the PSA level is an indication that you are developing cancer if you have not contacted it. If the results show these signs after treatment then it indicates the presence of cancer cells in the body, which have started their work of revival.

However, advanced medical research has discovered prostate cancer test that helps in detecting the beginning or the recurrence of the disease. This is beneficial for both you and your doctor. Early detection helps your doctor to provide the best treatment and cure you or stop the revival with the help of hormonal therapy.

Nevertheless, the maintenance of your health lies in your hands. If you strictly follow all the restrictions that your doctor has advised then you can ward of the return of the disease. Therefore, you should bring a change in your daily routine by introducing some exercises that will keep your body fit. You should also change your diet and reduce the intake of protein and carbohydrates to prevent prostate cancer recurrence.

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