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Misconceptions about Men and Acne

By Garyl Hany

Acne is a type of skin problem that plugged or inflamed the skin pores. It plagues the skins of men and women in all ages. The misconceptions are women are more concern about acne than men and real men don't care about their appearance.

For most people, the most important thing in life is the appearance and condition of their skin. A sign of acne, either the least or the most severe type, makes the skin unappealing. However, some men today have this reaction and they believe acne should not be tolerated.

Acne in men usually appears in the later years compared to women. This is why most women don't have any idea that acne can also affect men. Further, men are more vulnerable to this skin problem but have lesser options to hide and treat acne. As a result, the psychological impact is vast.

Unlike women, men can't use makeup to hide the acne. More so, they can't get the benefits of oral contraceptive pill because it may interfere with their sexual development.

Some men feel less confident with the presence of acne on their faces. However, you can't say that these men are gay because for some of them, their physical appearance is very important for courting and dating.

Men affected by the psychological effects of acne dressed inappropriately and have behavioral issues. They usually withdrew themselves from crowds and friends that sometimes they are misunderstood as anti-social.

Men like this have low self-esteem that they can't walk, talk and act comfortably. They see themselves negatively and unworthy. Unfortunately, only few people understand this behavior of men. This is why skin conscious men are more rebellious and have suppressed anger.

This skin condition can hinder the social development of both men and women. Though they are men, they still need to be guided and treated. It is a shortsighted way to ignore these behaviors because you think real men ignore their physical appearance.

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