onsdag 11 november 2009

Life Is Better When You Are Healthy

By Winston Forsythe

Although people have always been concerned with their health, it has never been the kind of movement that we are witnessing today. Possibly because we have more access to information, we can spread our health remedies with anyone willing to listen, and we can do it in an instant with the speed the internet brings us.

It seems that every day we hear of some new health trend. There are those folks who claim that a little berry will make us practically invincible. Or how about the people who say we will all have washboard abs if we just buy a mini gym? You have to stay on top of things to not get sucked into the latest worthless fad.

I happen to be somewhat of a healthy person, so I pay attention to what is out there. I look at it all, from creams to lotions, vitamins to drinks. I have found that some things fill voids in my life and warrant continued use. Some products however, are not worth the bottle used to hold them.

One new product that I really like is acai berry juice. I have developed a little routine for myself where I drink a little cup every morning. Believe it or not, I can tell a difference in my health. I haven't become sick since I started with the juice. I can't state for sure that it's due to the juice, but I think it has something to do with it.

Another worthwhile product is this bar-type contraption that you put on the top of your door frame and it becomes a pull-up bar. Since exercise is just as important as what you put into your body, everyone could benefit from this mini gym on a door. I can personally vouch for it.

Yet another thing I really am liking right now is essential oils. A company called Young Living Essential Oils was formed by Gary Young, and they promote these essential oils. Young claims they have healing properties, and I really do believe him. I've been using the oils for some time now and I feel just great.

Finally, I have just started eating more vegetables. I know this isn't some new fad, but I can't overstate the health benefits of eating your veggies. My favorites are broccoli, green peppers, and spinach. They say the dark greens are the best, though I'll throw some reds and oranges in there for good measure.

You can lead a different kind of life if you really attempt to be healthy. Not only will you feel better to start the day, you'll also last throughout the day so you won't crash every night. We've all seen people guzzle their coffee at work so they can hold a coherent conversation, but you don't want that to be you. Make the decision to be healthy today.

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