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Popular and Proven Morning Sickness Remedies

By Christina Francine

Morning sickness can make your pregnancy difficult. For some people, morning sickness can be so severe that they are ill every day, all day, not just in the morning. As every woman is different, so is every bout of morning sickness. One woman might have only the faintest bit of nausea while another is constantly vomiting every day. And it seems as if everyone has their own morning sickness remedies passed down to them from their mothers. But you need to find the one that is going to work for you and your pregnancy.

Start by watching what you eat. Avoid foods that are high in fat, they may turn your stomach and make you feel queasy. Increase your protein intake as protein takes longer to digest therefore keeping your stomach occupied longer. Keep a journal of what foods you ate before you started feeling sick and eliminate those foods from your diet. Certain foods such as citrus juices, caffeinated teas and coffee are known to make morning sickness worse, avoid those.

Popular morning sickness remedies seem to include B6 or B12, which is known to help alleviate the symptoms. But before you take any vitamins or pills as morning sickness remedies, talk to you doctor or OBGYN to make sure it's safe, and that you are taking the right dosage.

Ginger is a well-known aid in helping settle a stomach. Ginger and ginger ale have been recommended as morning sickness remedies for years, though ginger ale does contain sugar so you will want to keep an eye on how much of it you drink. A way to avoid the sugar while still getting the benefit of sugar is to take a ginger capsule or even drinking freshly grated ginger tea.

Certain smells can also cause morning sickness. Try to stay away from foods with strong odors like curries, or other spicy foods that might trigger your symptoms. Any smell might do it, from fresh paint to hair spray to car exhaust. So consider adding smells as well as foods to your journal.

Other morning sickness remedies include acupressure. Some pressure points are known to be related to morning sickness, and an acupressure session might help you. Seabands can put pressure on your wrists. Many women have found that this simple ornament can help them fight their morning sickness. You can find them at any local drugstore, and they are not expensive.

Try eating many smaller meals during rather than three larger ones. The point is to keep your stomach constantly full and busy with digestion. Don't eat too much, though, because that, too, might cause morning sickness. Have you thought of eating before you even get out of bed? Keep some crackers next to the bed. After eating, give your body a few minutes to settle before getting up and getting ready for your day.

Drinking fluids regularly can help cure morning sickness. This will keep you hydrated and make you feel better. Find the liquid that works best for you. Experiment with water, different juices or plain broth.

Get plenty of rest and try to relax. Stress and fatigue contribute immensely to morning sickness.

You should be feeling nothing but joy when you are pregnant. Don't let morning sickness take that away from you! You might have to try a variety of morning sickness remedies before you find the one that works best for you. For most women morning sickness will pass after the third trimester. If it lingers on, or is particularly severe, please contact your doctor or OBGYN to see what morning sickness remedies they will give you.

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