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The Superior Skyline Relaxation Chair

By Kris Vineta

Most of us are used to recliners been innate objects in the room waiting for us to relaxing. The Omega Skyline relaxation chair provides you with relaxing therapies as you lounge around. It comes with a host of features including power recline, air massage, soothing vibro massage, full body heat and even an MP3 player. The future of relaxation has arrived with the Omega Skyline relaxing chair.

The first thing about a relaxation chair is that it has an electronically controlled chair back and leg rest. You can adjust the angles of the chair back and of the leg rest to suit your needs. This is a great way to get comfortable to relax, read a book or watch TV.

You get quite an extraordinary designed with the Skyline relaxation recliner. It has a beautiful redwood grained back cover. It is of one-piece construction and is bowed to give it beautiful lines.

Most recliners are either and the living room or the study. The Omega Skyline relaxation chair adds style and elegance to any room. It comes in either black upholstery are coffee upholstery. The elegance and sophistication of this recliner will beautify any room or office.

Now when it comes to relaxation, the Skyline recliner boasts a host of therapeutic features. What better way to relax then to have your body relieved of soreness and discomforts. Or maybe you just want to kick back and read a book, then just activate the heat and enjoy.

Some of the advanced features in the Skyline relaxation recliner are the air massage system, they invigorating vibration massage programs, full body heaters and MP3 player with headphones. These features help encourage and induce relaxation.

The Skyline relaxation chair soothes you with a full body air massage. There are seven airbags to target different areas of the body. Gentle air compression massage is given to different parts of the body to relieve tension in the muscles.

The new generation of relaxation chairs include an air massage system. This enables a compression style massage to the given at different points in the body. There are three different air massage programs included in the Skyline relaxation chair.

Deeper relief is given by the vibro massage. The Skyline has three preset automatic vibro massage programs. Eight powerful motors provide different sensations of rhythmic vibration. This helps to relieve tension by pulsating through the muscle tissue all the way to the bone. You may also choose to target specific areas and the lower body as needed.

A feature that is very nice in a recliner is heat. The Skyline relaxation recliner comes with full body heaters. This is a great way to warm up and just relax. It's easy to just snuggle up with a throw blanket and feel the spreading comfort and warmth of heat.

If you're going to relax, why not listen to some music. Music is commonly used to help induce relaxation. The plane of soft, rhythmic music helps to distract the mind from its issues. This enables the body to relax as well. An MP3 player with headphones use integrated into the Skyline relaxation recliner.

When it comes to relaxation, this is not your father's recliner. This is what the evolution of the recliner is, the Omega Skyline relaxation chair. Its striking contemporary design and host of therapeutic features put it in a class by itself. Relax the modern way, with the Omega Skyline relaxation recliner.

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