måndag 9 november 2009

Say No To Angular Cheilosis

By Bart Icles

A lot of people have acquired angular cheilosis through the years. It is also known by different names such as cheilitis, angular stomatitis or perleche but they all mean one thing. People usually get angular cheilosis when they don't have enough nutrients or vitamins such as vitamins B1 and B12 and iron. This is also most often acquired by the elderly who have teeth loss which results to over-closure of the mouth. Dentures which do not fit well with their mouths are also to be blamed for getting this condition. This also occurs often during the cold season with the younger children or teenagers because the lips tend to become too dry.

When one has cheilosis, sores are usually found on the corners of the mouth area. Your lips are most probably cracked and are quite painful when being moved. Sometimes, the lips bleed while the person affected is using his or her mouth.

Although, sometimes this condition appears to be connected with other similar looking conditions such as herpes or cold sores, they are actually two different cases.

Aside from the pain a patient feels when moving the mouth, it is also brings embarrassment for them since these sores do not really flatter the face. Even if this condition is non-life threatening, people don't want to put up with the shame and pain they feel while having this.

There are a lot of treatments available to cure this condition. Before trying out various medicine or ointments, I would suggest that you seek a physician's advice on what has caused your cheilosis and which particular ointment to use. If you go ahead and do self medication, you might do more harm than good and worsen the situation. Once you are aware of what is really causing your condition, you will be able to pinpoint what to avoid doing and choose the right medicine which will work to your advantage.

Though there may be a lot of treatment available in the market right now, it is still better to avoid having this. Some precautions that one could take to prevent angular cheilosis is to avoid licking your lips. I know that licking our cracked lips could give us an instant soothing effect, but actually, by doing so, it invites all sorts of fungus and bacteria to occupy the crack on our lips and thus result to cheilosis. Also try to avoid other habits which could make your lips more prone to wounds such as nail or pen biting.

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