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Ways To Beat Depression Fast

By Trevor Johnson

Even though simple tasks become increasingly difficult when depression strikes, there are things that you can do to learn how to beat depression fast. Strike back and regain your health.

Exercise: Depression is a serious medical condition caused by a combination of an imbalance of brain chemicals and other factors. Severe and prolonged depression can damage the limbic system, so anything you can do to reduce the length of the depression will contribute to overall wellness. Exercise releases endorphins which counter the effects of the chemicals released into a depressed body. Even a little exercise is better than none. If a long workout seems more than manageable, any movement will release endorphins.

Tactical operations: Nutritional deficiencies have a negative impact on mood as do unstable blood sugar levels. Avoiding sugary foods will lessen the likelihood of an artificial drop in blood glucose levels. Vitamin C also helps counteract the effect of stress hormones on the body, and helps stabilize blood sugar. Vitamin B deficiencies are also a contributing factor in some people. Nuts and seeds, cashews or walnuts for example, are a good source of B vitamins. To minimize sleep disturbances, avoid caffeine.

Manage Expectations: Depression is more than just a low mood. It is a medical condition that can be managed with proper treatment. Just as you would not expect to manage a heart condition or diabetes by willpower, do not expect to manage depression that way. Unlike a heart condition though, a conscious decision to work through the depression can have therapeutic value. Be persistent about seeking to improve. Refuse to give in or to give up.

Social interaction: Studies have shown that people who have contact with others in a social setting tend to fare better when treating depression. Even a book discussion group or church group can increase an individuals ability to cope with depression. Family support can also be a positive influence.

Lay of the land: Recognize where you are in your emotional landscape. A range of emotions is healthy, and expressing those emotions rather than bottling them up is key in beating depression.

Go on the offensive: Take charge of your mental health. You are the only person who can know what you are feeling and that makes you the most likely candidate to manage all the pieces that go into causing, or fighting depression. However, do not be afraid to seek professional help. When depression drags on and affects your everyday activities, see a doctor.

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