söndag 8 november 2009

High Expectations for the Houston Texans in '09

By Gerry King

The Houston Texans were the trendy pick at the start of the 09' season. The Houston Texans never had expectations this high before in the franchises 7 year history. I guess they have the right to set expectations this high after a solid performance in 2008, with a very young team.

With one of the game's best wide receivers, a very strong running back in Steve Slaton, a capable QB in Matt Schaub, and a solid defense, things look promising this year for the Texans from a talent point of view.

The week 1 loss to the Jets made many wonder what was going on. The offense simply wasn't there. After a week 2 win for the Texans and a Jets win that shut down the Patriots' offense, maybe it was simply a matter of the Jets defense being extremely effective during the first two weeks of the regular season. I do believe this was the case against the Jets, not to mention the stellar performance of Matt Sanchez as well.

Whatever the case may be, the Texans looked revitalized during their week two game against the Titans in Tennessee. Matt Schaub looked as good as he's ever looked, with over 350 passing yards and a total of 4 TD passes.

Andre Johnson once again looked like the best wide receiver in the NFL, and despite the absence of Kevin Walter, the offense was more than efficient thanks to the fill-in role of Jacoby Jones.

Looking at the week 2 result for the Houston Texans shows that the team was able to rebound from a tough game, playing very efficient football in Tennessee against the Titans. Everything clicked offensively for the Titans during their week 2 game. Matt Schaub had over 350 yards in the air at quarterback and reached the end zone four times. Andre Johnson was phenomenal at wide receiver, and backup WR Jacoby Jones did a nice job filling in for Kevin Walter.

The running game was effective too, as Steve Slaton had a nice game. Defensively, there was definitely room for improvement (Chris Johnson of the Titans had a career high in rushing yards), but to beat the Titans, one of the best teams in the NFL in 2008, is very impressive. Especially when you consider the fact that the Houston Texans beat the Titans in Tennessee.

It's still too early to tell, but I do believe the Texans have a shot to make the playoff appearance all their fans have been hoping for!

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